Mutual Understanding

Posted: 09/05/2017

the Central Coordination Office on Cross-Cultural Competence, scetched a frist draft for platform "training module" for TankBattalion 414. In our opinion, we need three areas on the platform: 1. documents related directly to the project, first of all the main document "draft for training module Tank Battailon 414. Methods and description". 2. additional documents (photographs, charts, drafts...). 3. chat area/ forum for discussions right before working on the project First of all the the introduction paper: As chapters below the following three papers: And finally for the moment the papers for the library. After inplementing the documents please inform the members of the workshop and give them access to the Mutual Understanding Training Module. So I will set the documents (introduction and 3 chapters) to be on screen readable with a comment field below it. You both will be able to edit the documents. for the two library documents, is it ok to just provide a downloadable .pdf, or do you also want them to be commented on a webpage?