Posted: 09/04/2017
Dear IHS, First I want to thank everyone of you for the support that you have been providing over the last weeks to the IH "heavy" programme of work. At this stage most of you are deeply involved inone or more projects and initiatives. Whatever the IH achieves this semester, it will be thanks to you! The News... Website Migration It is progressing, but we are not done yet. While the website is functional for us, the public is not yet able to enjoy it fully. Please use this link to access it Cyber Domain We have started to explore this topic and are planning to organize a local brainstorming next month. Please engage with all the geeks you meet, and invite them to contact with us if they are interested incontributingto NATO vision for operating in the cyber domain. Innovation Challenge This is the big thing of this semester. Visar and Cē²±ric are the core team, but everyone will be expected to support it at some point. More info to come Stability 10 Feb 12:30-13:30Presentation at ODU We will need everyone's support for this. info here Rare Earth Course 6 Feb AM Everyone is welcome to join onsite. Feel free to invite your network. No need to register. We encourage all of you to come and learnhow we organize such an event. It will be useful for your own projects. Info here IH TV The first program is confirmed on 9 Feb at 9. It will present the 3C (Cross Cultural Competence Project) We will need everyone's support on that day. Studio furniture should be delivered next week (hopefully) IHS lunch initially scheduled on 24 Jan, we are now looking for having this on the 9th Feb, since we should be there for the TV programme Objectives Each of you has now a IHS page on your profile where the objectives you have set with your supervisor are listed (among other things). Please keep it up to date, you can edit it yourself. Two things thatall have to do are: provide a short weekly report of what you have done (in your update forum) find a successor by May so that you ensure smooth transition of your projects Your online presence One IHS benefit is that you can build an efficient and professional online presence based on your IH activities. Two things to do for this: - Update your Linkeding profile with your IH position - Echo the IH activities through your own social media channels Contact Serge for more info on this. Schedule 2 Feb 12:30-13:30 - Stability Policy Projectpresentation at ODU 6 Feb 8:00-13:00 - Virtual Academy Lessonlive online from IH (Rare Earth Scarcity) 9 Feb 9:00 - 11:00 - Cross Cultural Competencelive TV show and online workshop