Posted: 09/04/2017

Hello everyone!The Innovation Hub has been invited to participate as a presenter in the Social Media in the Defence and Military Conference in London, UK. The conference is being held by SMi Group Ltd and you can read about the conference here.This presentation will be under the 'NATO perspective' and our presentation will be an opportunity to showcase what the Innovation Hub's goals are, how we seek to accomplish these goals and what we have already achieved.In order for this presentation to be as fully representative of what the Innovation Hub is about, I invite everyone to provide ideas and input for the content of the presentation. I have put together some bullet points of what we could touch upon, but I am open to suggestion and would certainly like to hear your opinions regarding the presentation and what we should include in it.Below are the general bullet points I've put together. Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggest what you think I should include in the presentation. Recommendations for an effective title for the presentation are also welcome!Working title: NATO ACT Innovation Hub - Collaboration is KeyOnline collaboration and building a communityDeveloping a knowledge baseSocial media user training in support of NATO's goalsI am truly honoured to be representing the Innovation Hub and I am looking forward to putting together a presentation that encapsulates all the great, collaborative work that we do together.