Posted: 10/28/2021

For the abovementioned competition I have following question:
Background: The "IChall212Topic" outlines a case scenario and the challenge. On the same page, at the bottom there are two hyperlinks: "Priority Information Filtering" and "Critical Thinking Training" and each of these pages outline a 'Situation' and call for submitting solutions. The 'Submit Solution' takes one to a template for submitting 'Proposal'.
All the three scenarios outlined on "IChall212Topic" page, "Priority Information Filtering" page and "Critical Thinking Training" page are different.
The above is creating confusion.
1) Solution for which scenario to be submitted through the 'Proposal' template? The main scenario outlined on "IChall212Topic" page or "Priority Information Filtering" page or "Critical Thinking Training" page?
2) Or, solution to all three scenarios to be submitted?
3) The Proposal page appears to allow submission of only one solution. If that is the case, how does one submit three separate solutions?
If it is not clearly stated what case scenario is to be responded, it would lead to confusion, interpretational issues and, consequently, wrong responses. In any military and security set up clarity of articulation is fundamental to success. If things are not articulated systematically and clearly it leads to sub-optimal and/or wrong responses.
Looking forward to quick response to questions mentioned above.
Thank you.