Posted: 09/04/2017
Living Mutual Understanding Project The aim of the project is to develop a training program to enhance the mutual understanding in a multi-national unit/environment to improve cooperation. The training program is to be based on different models, combining and harmonizing different perspectives of cross-cultural competence in an international framework. A mutual drive should deliver results that eventually leads to a frame work for a training sequence to achieve a living understanding within the formal criteria for multinational/multicultural units. This hopefully will prove to be a basis for cultural competent people with the experience to work together in a multinational/cultural environment. Our stepping stone is to enhance cultural competence through training and experience for future missions. Listed below are the first steps towards a common training with long term perspective consisting of: Diversity training - Diversity Reverse Triangle (square of values) Cultural deep dive, and Hands-on simulation ... ... ... ... More steps to take: Develop a good intake for units, so we can tailor the training to their needs and expectations, using previous experiences as for instance the integration of 11AMB in the German Rapid Reaction Division Create a quality management system to guarantee the continuous improvement of the training method and the achievements of the trained units