Posted: 09/04/2017
The road ahead: Dear members of the workshop Living Mutual Understanding, and other members of the Coping with Culture community. As stated at the end of the last Coping with Culture conference in Koblenz, we are continuing our quest to develop a training framework forLiving Mutual understanding. The aim of the project is to develop a training program to enhance the mutual understanding in a multi-national unit/environment to improve cooperation. A mutual drive should deliver results that eventually leads to a frame work for a training sequence to achieve a living understanding within the formal criteria for multinational/multicultural units. This hopefully will prove to be a basis for cultural competent people with the experience to work together in a multinational/cultural environment. The idea is that this project is not just to improve the cooperation within multinational units and NATO headquarters, but it also might provide a training program for NFIU and CMI units deployed under article 5. Stepping stones for this project is to develop not only the training(sequence), but also a Quality Management System (QMS) with a twofold goal: continuous improvement of the training method and the achievements of the trained units. Current timeline: End of February: have a draft outline for the training of 414PzBtl as well as the intake questionnaire. March: Working session to finalize the required training method and models to be used for 414PzBtl and the intake questionnaire May: deliver the intake questionnaire to 414PzBtl, to establish their baseline and training objectives/needs 28 June 2017: Training of the Leadership of 414PzBtl October 2017: present the findings and outcome of developing the training of 414PzBtl and the QMS at the next Coping with Culture Conference. End 2017: continue to develop the full training sequence and QMS Continue the training sequence with 414PzBtl and establish the possibility to train a NATO HQ, e.g. Multinational Corps Northeast, 1 German Netherlands Corps and preferably a NFIU. We invite you to participate in this project by signing up your membership on the Innovation Hub, but also to start discussing related issues on the forum. As this project encompasses more themes discussed in several workshops during the last Coping with Culture conference. We are looking forward for your inputs, feedback and cooperation. Regards, Hartmut Stiffel & Hans Opsteen Working process: For discussions on the subject matter, the forum under Living Mutual Understanding on the Innovation Hub, is the ideal platform. All relevant documents and background information will be provided on the Innovation Hub To keep track of the shared documents regarding the training sequence and Quality Management System questionnaires, we ask you to send these to either Hartmut Stiffel or Hans Opsteen. They will provide the amendments to the members for discussion and will incorporate the feedback into the respective documents, which will be uploaded on the innovation hub for further development.