Posted: 09/16/2019


What is the background?

For many years, NATO's medical community has been looking for opportunities to improve the management of casualties in the field.

The finding is clear: We must act as quickly as possible in the field. The spread of forces, the small number of medical teams led to the development of many programs tending to develop local skills.

First, self-aid and buddy aid based on combat rescue techniques (or TCCC in the USA) were developed because of lessons learned during operations.

Secondly, paramedics or medics are soldiers who have received special training to provide first aid in combat. They are not medical personnel strictly speaking in many countries (depends on national regulations) but they have become an indispensable link in the medical chain.

Finally, in many countries, medical teams are now deployed at the front to support patients before or during evacuation to a theatre surgical facility.

In the last years, the ascertainment went further. To be able to improve the survival rate of the wounded, it is now necessary to bring closer to the combatant more advanced medicalization going beyond the simple saving measures.

An initiative was conducted by COMEDS between 2015 and 2018, the Prehospital care improvement initiative.

The findings show that improving care takes place through:

- The quick administration of blood

- Performing surgical procedures allowing haemostasis (especially in the chest and abdomen)

- Better Triage

- Continuous medicalization during transport to the surgical structure.

A lot of development seeks to improve the evacuation of the wounded but the care in the field, still remains the most problematic: It is necessary to be able to improve the skills of the MEDICS without asking them to become doctors.

It certainly involves an improvement of training but we have to imagine innovative ways to help the MEDICS in the field:

- To pose better diagnoses

- To make more professional gestures (surgical skills)


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