Posted: 03/21/2014

To best contribute to the forum and workshop take the following stepsGo to the workshop forum and pick a task_A task is a typical military activity that would be conducted in a mission such as peace keeping.Review the task description_Consider the 4 questions.What autonomy drivers are relevant to this task and why?What systems are in development that could support this task?What are the challenges of the use of autonomous systems in support of this task?What are the risksarising from the use of autonomous systems in support of this task?Provide your answers through the "add new comment" window._Check the latest inputs and Discuss the ideas of other subject matter experts.(through the "add new comment" window)_Pick another task in the forum and provide your inputs the same way.Check out the tasks list to find tasks no one has commented on yet.Create a new forum topic and be the first to comment on a new task of your choice_Question? - email us