Posted: 09/04/2017
The ability to disseminate large geosptatial data sets over the network has been identified as deficiency # 12010 for NATO geospatial domain in 2010. In 2015, there is still improvement to do in this respect, in terms of standards but also CIS architecture. This forum topic aims at trying to help finding solutions. Background In a NNEC concept the information are shared among Service Oriented architectures, and the need to disseminate at the good time the relevant and consistent information to the right systems is essential. Anyway the geospatial information, especially the raster products are huge and over the bandwidth limitation. Optimization and ad hoc strategies should be developed to populate the just relevant information under the bandwidth limits of the networks. All the strategies to be able to populate huge amount of data through networks have to be considered. It"s likely that there is not only one solution to do so and in some cases it will not be doable. But stacking up some intermediate solutions may enable to raise the level of capability. Compression with or without loss of information, split and tiles techniques, cache techniques, vectorization, format issues, must be considered. The solutions must be interoperable and so using wide spread solution.