Posted: 06/27/2013

It would not be fair to say that we were the firsts to emphasize the need to focus on the human in current and future military operations. But, for sure, the Innovation Hub members have been pioneers of this rising wave since the beginning; and we werethe very first champions of it within the NATO Command Structure.Last year"s Human Environment Capabilities Event was the most visible NATO event about this topic. It was actually the concretization of a four year effort. Today, this wave is still rising, and our efforts are continuing and concretizing into new initiatives like the IH Social Media Event and the Extended Hand Project.It is a great pleasure to see that the US Army, Marine Corps and Special Forces, in these times of serious questioning, come to the same conclusion as we did :WE NEED TO FOCUS ON THE HUMAN !Check this article from the US Army journal and tell us what you think.