Posted: 09/04/2017
This topic is responding to an interesting discussion between Frank and Ryan that goes like this,FrankNow, isn't it a contradiction? Military in its chain of command using social media?Social Media per se is empowering. Regardless of rank and position, people can voice their concerns and thoughts without getting approval of superiors.The chain of command on the other side, relies on rank and position and is limiting the feedback loop.RyanWhat relationships can we (or do we want to) better through the use of social media?What new conversations does social media enable? (Although in some ways this can be a follow up question to the first) (Although in some ways this can be a follow up question to the first)Problem to solveIt is obvious that the Chain of Command was created for a purpose : it is really good at ensuring Unity of Command. Unity of Command is very important to the military; it allows that when the General decides, all his people, from Colonel to Private, execute coherently. Thanks to the standardization of the doctrine and processes, there is no need for many questions (everybody understands). So the question times are very limited as well as the feedback loops. Julius Caesar invented this; and it works really fine when the General knows the solution to the problem.However, current complex crises have proved that often, the Generals don"t have the solution. The solution to complex problems don"t reside at the top of the pyramid only, but people from everywhere within the military structure, and even outside, possess a piece of the solution. The operational art is then to bring all these people to act coherently toward a same direction even if no doctrine or predetermined process is applicable. This kind collaboration calls for a specific kind of interaction and mindset that allow a lot of time for questioning, coordinating, and tea drinking too.Now taking Ryan"s point : What new conversations does social media enable? I hope that social media (technology and dynamics) can allow the kind of interaction military and their partners in the Comprehensive Approach need to meet complex challenges.Way AheadIt seems that some members of the Innovation Hub have ideas, or even plans to explore the new conversations Social Media could generate. Please provide here as many ideas, details and references as you can about this.