Posted: 09/04/2017
I would really love to see more of NATO's projects allow for the general public to act as an active participant in those projects. For example, educating students more on what NATO does like Partnership for Peace.NATO could use the most popular social media platform of a respective group (college students in Japan probably find other social media sites more engaging than the sites preferred by college students at Penn State) to pitch unconventional activities that will help them have a say, make a difference, learn more about or all of the above in NATO intiatives in their country.Take questions that NATO uses in its' decision making process. You narrow it to the decision making process for Partnership For Peace. Form an activity the revolves around this and comparing answers. You could set up a decision making module through social media. Whoever comes up with the most realistic and unique answers can get a tour of NATO facilities or submit a proposal to NATO. In this way, NATO updates could be more humanized.What are your thoughts? These have just been a few ideas floating around in my head. Do any of you have ideas on how to humanize social media updates more?--Vicky