Posted: 09/04/2017
Just a short post to stimulate some thought.Much has been said both here on Innovation Hub and elsewhere about how to use Social Media, the risks, the problems and occassionaly the phenomenal impact that thi (these) platform s have and how they can assist NATO.Not one post has addressed the practicalities of education and training for the social media operators who will need a new range of skills sets to deliver the "message"It is ASSUMED that be double hatting exisiting officers and soldiers with maybe a days briefing will suffice.Firstly such an attitude is bordering on the crimally irresponsible but more worrying is that our current C2 assume.Please dont forget that assuming makes and ASS out of U and ME.We need to implement education at all levels regarding Social media (recruit and academy courses/modules).Secondly we need to TRAIN people on how the weapon system (and social nedia for the military is such) works and how to use it safely, creatively and innovatively.Food for though ladies and gentlemen.BestsDavid