Posted: 09/04/2017
At the Institute For The Future in Palo Alto ( our main activity is future foresighting, identifying the emerging trends and future combinatorial scenarios, to gain insights on how the future eco-systems will be.We research and have specific research programs on the future of technology, future of healthcare, food and society, as well as the yearly 10 years forecast. We work on a 10 and 20 years timeframes, helping organizations to make better and more informed decisions about their future.NATO is currently a sponsor of the Technology Horizons program and participates in the works of this program at the IFTF. I wanted o bring the attention to some key elements of our insights for the future, that I feel NATO should be informed of:Future economy eco-systems: new emerging economies shaping our future: in particular the Civil Economy of local and state based communities, the Criminal Economy and the Crypyo Economy of the future of the Internet, post Internet of Things.Future of Microbial Health Economy, how genetic engineering and advanced micro-biome studies are influecing our way of living and thinking of NATO, how this can impact security from bio-chemical attacks.Food Crimes, higher and more volatile food prices, influencing communities and countries sustainability.Genetic Rights Management - GRM.Gender Transformations, gender as a categoy no longer assigned at birth, but choosen by individuals.New Energy Systems.Criminal Innovation Zones and how the criminal economy is evolving into an eco-system made of upskilled individuals. As marginalized groups seek economic security, organized criminal networks become the new paid internship.Geo-Engineering to experiment new ways of managing and interacting with out planet.Advanced fragile states: Infrastructure failures, Mainstram Radicalism, Political Violence.Seeing the population under the lens of Graph IDs: People view and manage their identities though the lens of five key network graphs: the social graph, interest graph, financial graph, health graph.DACs, DAOs and DCOs: Building on crypyographic technologies, the organizational ecosystem includes autonomous networked organizations managed by computer programs.I have a lot more elements and contributions to give to this group, as you can imagine the topics are very articulated and complex, so I wanted to list some of those topics. I generally deal with future ecosystems, future foresight, technology foresight and internet evolution.