Posted: 09/04/2017
Read and comment on the workshop report here belowWorkshop report :In a period of accelerated change increasing uncertainty, only the agile and responsive structures prevail and collaboratively contribute to the development of a new world balance.Key InsightsIncreasing change rate, uncertainty and resulting instabilityPopulations living conditions degrade while their influence increasesImpact of and adaptation to the cyber/information age is key to efficiencyand resilienceAlternative and innovative groups, structures and relationships risewithin and outside existing organizations with an impact on world andregional dynamics.Collaboration and agility of some main actors from the fields of economyand politics through a coherent comprehensive approach allow to efficiently address critical world issues.The world accelerating transformation and increasing uncertainty is challenging existing structures, and affecting the global and regional balance, while lending many new opportunities to old and emerging actors. Among the many drivers for this, two need to be highlighted as outstanding: Cyber and Information The power of the ubiquitous and unregulated cyber assets is leveraged by everyone, from individual to global companies, for good, and for bad. The cyber space has also become vulnerability and the main security concern. Keeping up with its fast evolution is a daily challenge. Each individual is both a provider and a consumer of universally accessible information. While transparency is expected from every organization, their main focus is to conduct efficient influence activities in support of their goals. Traditional multinational and national structures are slow to follow these transformations and continue to loose relative relevance while new actors and systems arise. The political, military, and legal systems to address the resulting issues and threats have yet to be developed. Even if a new balance should be struck at some point, before getting there, society and organizational resilience in an unstable environment will depend on the ability to respond and adapt to change. In addition, the magnitude of the issues to solve requires a collaborative approach. As a consequence, those who will adapt and collaborate will shape the characteristics of the new balance.The opinions expressed in this forum don't constitute NATO or any other organization points of view.