Posted: 05/09/2013

Job (billet code TSC FER 0240) Title: Human Sciences Project Officer Duty: in charge of optimizing the contribution of human sciences to the NATO future capabilities design. Main responsibilities:  - Information Officer of the Innovation Hub  - Human Environment Capability = study existing and recommend future capabilities to understand and efficiently interact with the human environment  - Extended Hand Program = Cross Cultural skills development through internet video conversation with Iran, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan . other areas of activities: Cultures, Cross Cultural Skills, Languages, Training, Strategic Communication, Social Media, Comprehensive Approach, Innovation, Defense Planning, ... Background Belgian Infantry Officer for 26 years and NATO civilian since 2011. Passionate about combat, psychology and non-kinetic aspects of operations. Expert in NATO and EU capability and defense planning processes Family Culturally speaking, I am beer, wine and coke drinker. This is because my influences are Belgian, Spanish, Italian and American. My wife is Spanish. My twin daughters are 12. Living in Virginia Beach since 2007. Belief Quality interpersonal relationship and collaboration can solve and prevent crisis and design efficient NATO capabilities. Hobbies Guitar playing. Running Contact Work  - phone: +1 757 747 3747  - email: [email protected] Private  - phone: +1 757 739 7706  - email: serge.d[email protected]  -twitter: @SergeDDS  - skype: sergiopoprock1