About EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse)

What causes EMP?

Solar storms generate geomagnetic waves that, if they hit the earth, constitute a significant threat to society. Such events happened in history, and can happen again any time.
Nuclear explosions generate powerful EMP destroying all electronics in their vicinity.
Human-made mobile EMP devices have localized effects on electronics. If actioned at altitude they could affect an entire city.

Whate are the effects of EMP?

Most vehicles, on land, air and sea, civilian and military, would be inoperable after their electronic parts are destroyed.

All regular computers would be destroyed. Hard drives could also be erased. The internet would not be accessible anymore.

All unprotected communication devices - private, professional and military, would be destroyed

The Electric power grid and power plants would be critically damaged leaving large areas without power during extremely extended periods.




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