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A disruption of the power grid or of electronics would bring modern societies to their knees.

Help improve society resilience. Submit innovative solutions and compete in the NATO Innovation Challenge.

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We are looking for solutions that contribute to any of the following:

Identify societal vulnerabilities
to EMP effects
  • Measuring and mapping power and technology dependencies.
  • Identify which system is most critical to resilience
  • Identify the the weakest components of systems
  • Assess the effect of disruption on the society critical systems and infrastructures, including economic, social and geo-political aspects.
  • Establish metrics for resilience levels
  • Measure systems’ performances

Increase the ability to absorb the shock

  • Prioritize capacities to support survival of civil, military and private sectors
  • Coordination and cooperation mechanisms between military, government and private stakeholders supporting preparedness and response.
  • Strategies to enhance national resilience

Respond and Recover

  • Early or real time decision-making
  • Information sharing between sectors
  • Quickly assess the situation on the ground
  • Identify remaining capacities
  • Quickly combine residual systems to support recovery
  • Encourage providers to report and offer spare capacity to plug-in for system recovery