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1. Register

2. Send Questions to Experts

3. Develop and submit an abstract

17 Nov Abstract Submission Deadline

24 Nov Selected Abstracts Announced

4. Develop and submit solution proposal (for the selected abstracts/teams only)

6 Dec Solution Proposal Submission Deadline

5. Test telecommunication technology to pitch remotely over the internet

10 Dec Online Pitch Day and Award Ceremony

6. Make your pitch and present your solution in public



Register for the NATO Innovation Challenge


All eligible individuals, teams or suppliers can register for the challenge. Each individual must register separately.


Create an account at and check the box “Join the Innovation Challenge”

or, if you already have an account, join the Innovation Challenge Group



Send questions to experts

All participants can ask questions in the forum 



The abstract

The abstract explains the specific issue to be solved and the proposed solution.

It mentions the team name and lists the team members (new members will not be allowed to join after pre-selection).

The abstract can include:

  • a text of max 4500 characters
  • max 5 graphics, pictures or slides (.ppt ...)
  • max 4 minutes video/audio file

Abstracts should be submitted through the webform.




Solutions/teams will be pre-selected based on their abstract.

Abstracts will be scored against:

  • Usefulness: potential impact of proposed solution on challenge topic
  • Innovativeness: is it a genuinely new idea or an already existing solution adapted for this Challenge?
  • Feasibility: is the solution easy and cheap to develop and implement?


Solution Proposal

The Solution Proposal is an improvement of the Abstract.

It is not mandatory to improve the Abstract. In this case the Abstract becomes the Solution Proposal.

Only one solution proposal can be submitted per selected abstract.

Abstract improvements should be done before 6 Dec through the webform.




During the pitch, the team, or part of it, presents the solution to the Advisory Board, in public online.

The pitch will last 6 minutes max and will be followed by 6 minutes of questions from the Advisory Board.



Selection of the winners

Winners will be selected and announced on Pitch Day.