466 in times of crisisEveryLog[email protected]

471[email protected]

476 PlusHozint[email protected]

481 Intelligence to Provide the Answers You Need to Help Defeat COVID-19Agile Defense[email protected]

491 COVID 19 INNOVATION CHALLENGEAurora Aerial Inc.[email protected]

496 Drone Dispatch to fight COVID-19Idronect[email protected]


506 Triage Solution for COVID-19 and BeyondTwiage[email protected]

511 and Mitigation of false news through a secure online intelligent toolmLAi Analytics[email protected]

516 Tesligte[email protected]

521 continuity of operations and resilience in times of pandemic or bio threatsTriStar Multicopters[email protected]

526 of Emergency Supplies to Isolated Locations Using Rigid AirshipsBASI[email protected]

531 platform for real-time tracking, monitoring, and deployment of emergency servicesMatidor[email protected]

536 from data to insightsTrack42[email protected]

541 to Counter Misinformation Through Detection and Intelligence (MIDINT)Shinobi[email protected]

546 (medical) assistance1Minuut[email protected]

551[email protected]

556 Detection of ‘hidden’ COVID-19 infection in Asymptomatic and Presymptomatic Cases Using a Smartphone-based Saliva TestBioSA[email protected]

561 tracking of medical drugs and equipment or managing control access in the relief zonesTailPath[email protected]

566 Freeze-Dried Plasma (FDP) CollaborationCanadian Freeze-Dried Plasma Collaboration[email protected]

571 Decision Support for Military Situational Awareness under the Risks of Epidemics and PandemicsBiometric Technologies Lab[email protected]

576 Ultrasound waves to kill the covid-19 virusCOVIDD-19 Warrior[email protected]

581 On Mission (TOM)Streamwide[email protected]

586 Supply to Isolated teams and individualsyukon sleds[email protected]

591 the global drone management tool for your safe operationsSOARIZON[email protected]

596[email protected]


606 and addressing COVID-19/Coronavirus via ‘Intelligence Engineering’ (IE)Bridgehead Institute (Research & Consulting)[email protected]

611 IntelBountyChain[email protected]

616 Social Science and Target Audience Analysis to combat misinformation onlineInfluence Options Ltd[email protected]

621 Learning for False Information DetectionIMRSV Data Labs Inc.[email protected]

626 approaches to greatly reduce the contact and airborne transmission of Covid-19Robert Mitchell[email protected]

631 monitoring, dashboards and cartographyRESILIENCY[email protected]

636 medical team deployment across Central Asia to fight COVID19Safo Tibbiyot[email protected]

641[email protected]

646 powered proactive COVID-19 risk classification for essential services and back-to-office planningBraintoy[email protected]

651 remote communities with speed and long range capabilitySlipstream Vehicles Ltd. development team[email protected]

656 Smarter - Quickly and easily collect and share health screening information from a safe distanceNutmeq[email protected]

661 in action? A testing and training tool to facilitate the ability to discriminate true/false and relevant/irrelevant incoming information.University of Gloucestershire[email protected]

666 UAVs for delivery, SAR and cartographyALX Systems[email protected]

671 Our Home Fires Strategy - Establishing Mobile COVID-19 Testing Sites for Rural CommunitiesMorning Star Lodge[email protected]

676 Sift Geographic Origin of the Original FakePragma Etimos[email protected]

681[email protected]

686Aggregate data from public domains without harming privacyRoadSense[email protected]

691 large payload UAV for crisis management situationsMulticopter Dynamics[email protected]

696 large payload UAV for crisis management situationsMulticopter Dynamics[email protected]

701 inter-person distance monitoringViNotion[email protected]

706[email protected]

711 ProtectRobotics Indsurty[email protected]

716 VIRUS MEDICINEI am Single.[email protected]

721 Supply for Isolated Individuals, Teams, Bases and ShipsSky Canoe[email protected]

726 First Responders Data PlatformRapidSOS[email protected]

731 robots for delivery of medicines, tests, and supplies to isolated areas during pandemics and other disastersSquishy Robotics[email protected]

736,method and individual product idem to Identify infected viruses at early stages of the virus infection condition through the behavior of physical and chemical parameters.GAJABA[email protected]

741 OF DOCTOR, MEDICAL STAFF AND REUSE OF PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) KITLIFE SAVERS[email protected]

746 responsible procurement supporting responders to the pandemic in hard to reach areasSolvoz[email protected]

751 VTOL UAV-AVUMicor Technologies[email protected]

756 Rigorous Method to Produce Common Operating PicturesShumac[email protected]

761 Situational Awareness Platform for First Responders in the era of Covid-19SayVU Teachnologies Ltd.[email protected]

766 Medical IntelligenceTraversals[email protected]

771 I Think to I Know: Access to the right strategic information !Cikisi[email protected]

776 rating schemeFrede Jensen[email protected]

781 Disinformation Online, from COVID19 and BeyondVidrovr Inc[email protected]

786 REACHI systemLinkAiders[email protected]

791mitigatNg falsE inforMation by uncovEring dIffuSIon pathwayS System- the NEMESIS SystemBusiness Data Analytics, LLC[email protected]

796 Assessment Dashboard ElementsVizworX[email protected]

801 - Image Locator' for COVID-19 ResponseSAR Technology[email protected]

806 Temperature DetectorSCYLLA[email protected]

811 Management ApplicationPandora Intelligence[email protected]

816 X and Babel ChannelsBabel Street Inc[email protected]

821 contact tracing using video streamsTraces AI[email protected]

826 Scanning System for Respiratory InfectionsScan[email protected]

831 1500kg. lifting droneFatBug[email protected]

836 MaskGraphene Mask[email protected]

841 PECC of the FutureOffroad Apps[email protected]

846 - Rapid Deployment Delivery SystemAres[email protected]

851 digital app to tackle the delivery of supply to isolated individualsEY_2020[email protected]

856 - mobile field operation management made simpleSaveSarah[email protected]

861 - InnOvative solUTion to discover faLse Information by semaNtic ExtractionsExpert System/OSDIFE[email protected]

866 – a DRL-based strategic assistant AI for mission and logistics planning in an epidemiological crisisAleph Alpha[email protected]

871, an open, versatile operational environment for crisis management: going beyond dashboards and closed informationIngenuity i/o[email protected]

876 online false information detection and monitoring system for Covid-19Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity (CIC)[email protected]

881 production of mechanically robust biocidal filtration materials for face masksMicrocellular Plastics Manufacturing Lab - University of Toronto[email protected]

886 TRUstworthy Situational Tableau (iTRUST)POLARES[email protected]

891 Geo-Chronolocated Alerts Solution for Pandemic SituationsGeolsemantics[email protected]

896 Autonomous Aerial Medical Supply Chain Innovation ProposalBig Rock Technologies[email protected]

901[email protected]

906 Blockchain Passport, To Rapidly Deploy Medical Personnel To Affected AreasCOVID Blockchain Passport (by Nirv Systems)[email protected]

911 (Integrated Real-time Information System) CoreUnblur[email protected]

916, a Hybrid Electric Multi-Rotor UASAdvanced Aircraft Company (AAC)[email protected]

921 Autonomous System for Integrated Operation Support in Problematic Urban EnvironmentsFinesis[email protected]

926 Optimal Course of ActionS.O.C.A. for Select Optimal Course of Action[email protected]

931 decision-making and situational awareness in times of crisisAnsuR[email protected]

936 Cape: Situation Dashboard - DataAIDBright Cape[email protected]

941[email protected]

951 Helium Drone Platform for population supportArsim Bytyqi[email protected]

956 real-time solution to push and receive information to and from ground teams in a secure way.GoSecure[email protected]

961 Intelligence and Operations with Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Driven Global Situational AwarenessGeospark Analytics[email protected]

966 Intelligence Dashboard - Situational Awareness and Disinformation Threat IntelligenceLogically[email protected]

971 - Cargo Drone MultirolOmicron Plus[email protected]


981 Twiglow - a digital twin of the globalised worldGlobal Arena Research Institute[email protected]

986 awareness as a servicePandemia[email protected]

991 Centric HealthcareCOVID warriors[email protected]

996[A]IDE - Characterization of the relevant data in the emergency logistics management, for the identification false information using Artificial Intelligence.Ingeniería de Sistemas para la Defensa de España S.A., S.M.E., M.P. (Isdefe)[email protected]

1,001 for NATO: Fighting COVID19 with Spatial Data ScienceCARTO[email protected]

1,006 linkHealthProtect[email protected]

1,011 - Distributed Dynamic Communication Mesh Network for crisis management and monitoringGotoky[email protected]

1,016 media disinformation filtering and collation dashboardVerifeye Media[email protected]

1,021 of fake informationCommetric[email protected]

1,026 IntelligenceSimplyCast Interactive Marketing Ltd.[email protected]

1,031 WHALES LCA60T: Large Capacity Airship 60 tonnesFlying Whales[email protected]

1,036"The Covid-19 kit for homecare monitoring" made up with: D-Heart ECG + digital thermometer and SpO2 pulse oximeter for patients, general practitioners and caregivers.D-Heart[email protected]

1,041 COVID-19 Media Analytics PlatformInfo-MAP[email protected]

1,046 – Situation awareness support for medical staff handling large number of acute respiratory failure (ARF) patientsMassVentil[email protected]

1,051 Air Vehicle LogisticsMalloy Aeronautics[email protected]

1,056 and collaborative knowledge platformWikihero[email protected]

1,061 Solution for Remote Patient MonitoringChronolife[email protected]

1,066 ML-based Service for Information ValidationCompusult[email protected]

1,071 Influencer and Narrative Identifier: StorytailNexalogy[email protected]

1,076 visualize and map an operation with the power of the crowd and spy satellitesBlackShore[email protected]

1,081[email protected]

1,086 AwarenessPropaganda Awareness[email protected]

1,091 Information fusion verification framework for situation assessmentComplex System Inc.[email protected]

1,096 fake news spreaders on social mediaPRHLT4FakeNews[email protected]

1,101 Collective Intelligence as a panacea to identified COVID-19/Coronavirus Pandemic ChallengesCOLINT[email protected]

1,106 CONFIDENCE[email protected]

1,111 Deception CoalitionHack N-Cov Info[email protected]

1,116 air delivery of supplies for team and population support.MVS-Robotics[email protected]

1,121 - Hidden resource delivery systemDanaïdes[email protected]

1,126 Services[email protected]

1,131 Integrated solution for improving the Situation Awareness and the protection, logistic & healthcare support to the populations in Epidemics and Crisis joint operationsARIES: Advanced Research & Innovation Engineering LabS[email protected]

1,136 Preparedness Training for Frontline Healthcare WorkersNextGenU.orgCOVID-19/Pandemic Preparedness Training Team[email protected]

1,141 Heavy Extraction and Delivery Drones (AHEADD)Spiri Robotics[email protected]

1,146 Dynamically Informing Growth and Detecting HitchesDIGDH[email protected]

1,151 of electronic charting to eliminate physical contact among healthcare workers and decrease the spread of COVID-19Mount Sinai Hospital - Anesthesia[email protected]

1,156 delivery of supplies to isolated individuals and teams anytime, anywhere.Valkyrie Systems Aerospace Inc[email protected]

1,161 Platform to prevent cluster bombsBeam Me Up Labs[email protected]

1,166 vision & Deep learning for real-time help in real world problemssightcorp b.v.[email protected]

1,171 - Agile team mobile information push / data pull for distributed decision support and unit readinessAdyton PBC[email protected]

1,176 Artificial Intelligence deases control - Base on IoT - with platform which connect to Cameras, Corona Tests, Mobile App.Zeus Artificial Intelligence[email protected]

1,181 Augmented DataUlf Barth[email protected]


1,191 the nr 1 Military WhatsappForceapp[email protected]

1,196 EU borders by improving ship detection and analysis.Ship detection[email protected]

1,201 - Command, Control, CollaborateDragonForce[email protected]

1,206 cognitionNaïve Science[email protected]

1,211 WearSafe Wear[email protected]

1,216 Reliable Facts Fast: Automated Policy Intelligence PlatformBCMstrategy[email protected]

1,221 Medical CapabilitiesStrike Labs LLC[email protected]

1,226 SAVI Secure Web BrowsingGarrison Tech[email protected]

1,231 identification and authorisation of first respondersVerifiable Credentials[email protected]

1,236 responder management system against infectious diseasesInstantHelp[email protected]

1,241 Teams and Individuals empowered to readily grow their own food on-site at remote locationsDome in a Box, Incorporateddomeinabox[email protected]

1,246, 5G flying robot for public safetyAirobot NV[email protected]

1,251 - Pandemic Analysis, Containment and Relief System[email protected] Italia Srl and Rebel Alliance Srl[email protected]

1,256 AI COVID-19 APINineteen AI[email protected]

1,261 Rays sanitization using Autonomous vehiclesUV Bot[email protected]

1,266! Real-Time Roll Call: Physical & Mental Check-In for TroopsKana Systems[email protected]

1,271 social media to rapidly develop evidence-based tools to combat Misinformation, Fear and Stigma during COVID-19Knowledge Translation Program[email protected]

1,276 We Get Back to the Future: Anticipatory Savoring as a Mechanism for Optimal Goal PursuitJubilant Chrononauts[email protected]

1,281 Panic Attack & Anxiety Relief Tool - Rootd AppRootd - Panic Attack & Anxiety Relief[email protected]

1,286 inactivation filterBlue air[email protected]

1,291 command and control with cutting-edge AI technology to mitigate global disinformation campaignsZetane Systems[email protected]

1,296 aerial platformWatfly[email protected]

1,301 ProjectNorth Central[email protected]

1,306 solutionsracey j beats[email protected]

1,311 Federated learning to Generate Novel Insights in fight against for COVID-19Data Science Lab[email protected]

1,316 ConnectWeavAir[email protected]