NATO Innovation Challenge

Gather, Sort and Discriminate Information

Identify Trends

Anticipate near Future

Compare Courses of Actions

Suplly isolated individuals and teams

Optimize Information Push

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Solutions will be scored against:

  • Usefulness: potential impact of proposed solution on challenge topic.
  • Innovativeness: is it a genuinely new idea or an already existing solution adapted for this Challenge?
  • Feasibility: is the solution easy and cheap to develop and implement?

11 March - 5 May Registration

5 May

Abstract Submission

15 May Pre-Selection

11 June Solution submission

17 June Pitch Day - Award Ceremony   ​

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The purpose of the NATO Innovation Challenge is to tap into the minds of innovative people and teams to find more effective and efficient ways for NATO, and other response organizations, to ensure security and respond to crisis situations.

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How long does the Challenge run?

Participants have until May 5 to register and send their abstract. Pre-selected teams will have from 15 May to 12 June to develop their solution proposal that they will present on 17 June.

Who can participate?

We want entrepreneurs, designers, thinkers, engineers, scientists, coders, Information experts ....

Online or Onsite Participation?

When preselected, teams will choose how they want to pitch: onsite or online, or both.

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Participant's Agreement

By participating in the Challenge you agree on the Official Rules


Questions? Contact us at [email protected]

Our Partners

This NATO Innovation Challenge is co-organized by the Dutch Ministry of Defense and  NATO Innovation Hub.