15 Aug - 15 Sep: Registration

  1. Register
  2. Introduce Yourself
  3. Ask Questions to Experts
  4. Present your Solution Idea
  5. Build or join a Team
  6. Develop and Submit an Abstract

7th Sep: Challenge Presentation Webinar

18th Sep: Abstract Submission Deadline

21st Sep: Selected Abstract Announced

  1. Develop and Submit Solution Proposal

25th Oct: Solution Proposal Submission Deadline (for the selected teams only)

  1. Test telecommunication technology if you want to pitch remotely over the internet

​27th Oct: Pitch Day and Award Ceremony

  1. Make your pitch and present your solution in public

Register for the NATO Innovation Challenge

Who: anyone can individually register for the challenge. Each member of a team has to register individually
When: between 15 Aug and 15 Sep
How: Create an account at InnovationHub-act.org and check the box “join the Innovation Challenge”
or, if you have already an account, send an email to the organizers at information@innovationhub-act.org

Introduce yourself
Tell about yourself, skills, interests and ideas, in the “introduce yourself forum” so that you can become member of a team.

Ask questions to experts

All participants can ask topic related questions through the forum or send an email at IChallContact@innovationhub-act.org

Present your solution ideas

Explain what issue you propose to solve and how in the “Solution Ideas” forum.
Also explain what people and skills you are looking for to build a team with.
You can present various ideas, each in a different forum post.

Build or join a team

Join: respond to the  “Solution Ideas” you would like to team up for
Build:. Contact participants who you would like to join your team through the “introduce yourself” forum.
Agree on who will be part of the team supporting one solution idea
Name the team
Create a group for you team where to interact privately

Hints: participant can be part of only one team

Teams of one are welcome
Teams should be diverse and include members skilled in technology, business and marketing/communication.
If you cannot build a team, try to join one

The Abstract

The abstract explains the issue to solve and the proposed solution
It mentions the team name and list the team members (new members will not be allowed to join after pre-selection)
the abstract can include:
  • max 3 pages text document
  • max 5 graphics, pictures or slides (.ppt ...)
  • max 4 min video/audio file
Abstracts should be submitted by 18th Sep through email at IChallContact@innovationhub-act.org
To submit big files contact us at the same address.


Solutions/teams will be pre-selected based on their abstract.

Abstracts will be scored against:

  • Potential impact of proposed solution on challenge topic
  • Customer validation for proposed solution
  • Innovativeness
  • Level of demonstration of proposed solution
  • Viability of bringing the solution to market

Solution Proposal

Each team should present one, and only one, Solution Proposal
The proposal will:
  • explain the issue to solve in detail and the proposed solution will mention the team name and list the team members
The abstract can include:
  • a max 5 pages text document
  • max 10 graphics, pictures or slides (.ppt ...)
  • a 7 min maximum video/audio file
Proposals should be submitted before 16th Sep though email at IChallContact@innovationhub-act.org
To submit big files contact us at the same address.


During the pitch the team, or part of it, presents the solution to the judges and in public.
The pitch will last 10 minutes max and will be followed by questions form the jury.
The team can pitch onsite, at ODU, or online, or both

Winners selection

Winners will be selected and annouced on 27 Oct