The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) consists of 30 North American and European nations. NATO is committed to the peaceful resolutions of disputes. If diplomatic efforts fail, it has the military power to undertake crisis management operations.

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NATO Operations

NATO crisis management involves military and non-military measures to address the full spectrum of crises before, during, and after conflict. NATO also works with countries outside of the Alliance and all of its operations are based on the coalition of many nations.

Operations 2040 Project

In the midst of a proliferating ability to innovate, seismic demographic changes, and increasingly complex security challenges, we know the world of 2040 will be vastly different. NATO needs your help to understand what this means for its operations in the future. By sharing your thoughts and insights, you can help NATO leaders gain a fresh, outside perspective and shape the 29 nations’ capability development.

Online Exercise

From 18 Feb to 1 Mar, we invite you to join fellow thought leaders from across the defense, academic, and creative communities in a web-based ideation exercise exploring how the world might transform and impact NATO operations. Through this simulation, a worldwide community of players will envision future society, economy, politics, technologies, explore opportunities, examine risks, and challenge conventional wisdom. It is open to all.

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