NCIA Challenge 2020



Improving the performance of

Aerial Radar

Defence Innovation Challenge

NATO Communication and Information Agency

Submit before 15 June


The NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency is accepting submissions for its fifth Defence Innovation Challenge. And we’re doing things differently this year. Selected submissions will be evaluated in late summer in a virtual pitch session. And for the first time, the most promising of those pitches may subsequently be invited to bid for a contract in this area. 


The NCI Agency is accepting submissions that focus on improving the performance of aerial radars. Solutions will address one or more of the following: 

  • Correlate Aerial Discovery Radar outputs, combining real-time outputs from two or more radar sources to produce a single, combined result aircraft position. 
  • Automatically convert aircraft plots (location) to tracks (vector). 
  • Provide confidence levels of their outputs. 
  • Operate in bad weather conditions or spoofing.
  • Be capable of modification to operate on civilian or non-civilian radar data.

Solutions may use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to approach these challenges, but solutions are not limited only to these technologies.


Information and submission