Conflict-related Sexual and Gender Based Violence

In today’s conflicts, civilians are increasingly becoming victims of either targeted or indiscriminate violence. Sexual violence is a horrible crime that has been used as a weapon by armed actors in recent and present conflicts. Like with any other weapon, we must develop our ability to counteract these types of attacks. This course is a step in the process of building that capacity.

That is why it is crucial that our soldiers and officers are well trained and aware of what circumstances might increase the risk of sexual violence, and how to recognize the signs when it is happening in our area of operations.

The purpose of this course is to train soldiers and officers to be able to detect signs of potential, impending or ongoing sexual violence and to increase efficacy in response by reporting accurately. If we know what tactics our opponent is using, we can improve our responses and take preventative actions.


This course is offered by the Nordic Center for Gender in Military Operations

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