Insights for ALLIED REACH



Allied Reach 2016 is a seminar that gathers the NATO Military Leaders to discuss both the operational needs of today and innovative and transformational concepts of tomorrow.

Its purpose is to provide actionable recommendations that support NATO’s military adaptation to operations in a dynamic and complex security environment.

The Insights for Allied Reach Online Workshop offers everyone the opportunity to contribute insights that will feed the Allied Reach seminar.

Who can contribute?

Anyone able and willing to help NATO is welcome, civilians and military.

How to contribute?

The best way to share unclassified insights is through the forums from December 2015 to March 2016.

Starting in February, videoconferences will allow the participants to interact live.

Those having access to the NATO classified network can also send inputs through it (more information here)


The insights will be leveraged for the organization of the Allied Reach Seminar in April and for follow-on initiatives supporting NATO military adaptation.

Participants will receive a certificate and be listed on the website. The best contributors might be invited to participate in follow-on NATO initiatives.