M&S as a Service


“A concept that provides the NATO operator with simulation functionalities whenever it is needed, on any kind of device, and for any operational function is required”

Why, What and How

Modelling and Simulation (M&S) is a strategic enabler for improving current and future NATO operations, enhancing transformation, and fostering partnerships. In the context of NATO network enabled capabilities, the concept of operations of M&S as a Service guides the development and implementation of future M&S solutions that will better support a broad range of operational capabilities and ambitions such as the Connective Forces Initiative or SMART defence.

This concept provides NATO with an approach on the use of modelling and simulation to support capabilities based in service oriented architectures. This approach is not only responsive to mid to long term operational needs but also reduces investment and maintenance costs while increasing interoperability both in the spirit of the Connective Forces Initiative and SMART Defence.