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Our world is evolving rapidly. Modern communication technologies using the Internet are emphasizing and bolstering social changes all over the planet. These changes, both in societies and the cyber domain, have a significant impact on NATO. This is why the Alliance needs an improved understanding of all aspects of social media, potential risks as well as opportunities.

Therefore, the Innovation Hub SOCIAL MEDIA FOR NATO addresses social media, and particularly the use NATO should make of it.

Since March 2013, all NATO personnel and outside experts in social media are invited to meet in the Innovation Hub, first to brainstorm and then to participate in the development of concepts that will allow NATO to best leverage social media.

During a first brainstorming phase the question "How should NATO use Social Media was answered". The 32 ideas generated are capture in the brainstorming report.

In June 13, ACT leadership identified the three most pressing topics to address. Since then, these topics are being further explored solution concepts are developped. The most advanced produt of this endeavour is the ongoing NATO Social Media Users Open Online Course.




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