Themes Projects Project Description Products
Autonomous Systems Counter Measures How to Counter Unmanned Autonomous Systems?
Unmanned Autonomous Systems Countermeasures Concept
Autonomous Systems Policy and Operations Study operational and policy issues in order to provide senior policy makers with guidance on future implications of increasing autonomisation in defence capability
Policy and Operational Implications of Autonomous Systems
Cyber Cyberspace Awareness How should NATO operate in Cyberspace
Open Workshop
Food for Thoughts Paper (in development)
Education and Training Future Online Learning Environment Exploring, Experimenting and Developing the elements of the Online Learning Environment
Solution Development
NATO Social Media User Course,

NATO Future Online Learning Vision,

NATO Virtual Academy,

Conflict-related Sexual and Gender Based Violence,

Extended Hand
Human Aspects Human Environment Capability Capability Solution Design to Understand, Operationalize, Adapt to, and Engage the Human Environment
Solution Design
NATO Social Media User Course,

Human Aspects of C-IED,

Human Aspects of Security Forces Assistance,

Culture, Language and Counterinsurgency Study,

Extended Hand
Human Aspects Gender Focus How to train on integrating gender perspective in military operations?
Solution Design
Conflict-related Sexual and Gender Based Violence
Human Aspects Cross Cultural Competence Online Solutions Cross Cultural Competence Online Solutions Development Campaign
Solution Development
Training to understand foreign people,

Duties of the Military Cultural Advisor,

Cross Cultural Awareness concept,

Extended Hand
Modeling and Simulation M&S as a Service A concept that provides the NATO operator with simulation functionalities whenever it is needed, on any kind of device, and for any operational function is required
M&S as a Service Concept
Social Media Social Media for NATO How should NATO use Social Media?
Solution Design
Social Media for NATO workshop report,

NATO Social Media User Course
Strategy Strategic Foresight Identifying the trends that shape the future strategic context and derive defence and security implications for the Alliance to 2030 and beyond.
Strategic Foresight Report