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Operations 2040

Help Ensure Future Peace and Security by envisioning NATO Operations in 2040 Read the report Learn more - Contact us
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Human Aspects

Future Health Service Network

People in crisis situation need us to develop Health Services Network that is global, comprehensive, responsive, and flexible >> Join the Open Online Workshop
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Cyber Psychology

Cyberpsychology is a developing, complex scientific field which embraces diverse phenomena and different sub-themes. With the advent of smart and autonomous machines, it has become primordial to develop a new form of psychology, one that will examine
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Crypto Currency and NATO

Cryptocurrencies impact on society is increasing. Cryptocurrencies are being a cornerstone of tomorrow’s digital economy, it is therefore crucial to understand the opportunities they may offer, along with the risks they may carry. This is why NATO
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Autonomous Systems

Autonomous Systems

Implications of the Proliferation of Autonomous Systems on Security and Defense
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Innovation Challenge 2017

NATO Innovation Challenge /17 Winners 10 Selected Teams Prizes for winners include the opportunity to present their solution in an upcoming NATO-wide event and up to $15,000 project funding. Everyone Can Participate, Onsite or Remotely QUICK START
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Human Aspects

Mutual Understanding

The aim is to develop a cross-cultural training structure and tools to strengthen the interoperability of multinational military units. The first prototype will be tested by the binational (Dutch-German) 414th Tank Battalion.
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Modeling and Simulation

M&S as a Service

PROJECT ARCHIVE “A concept that provides the NATO operator with simulation functionalities whenever it is needed, on any kind of device, and for any operational function is required” Why, What and How Modelling and Simulation (M&S) is a strategic
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Geospatial Research and Development

Spatially enabling the NATO Service Oriented Architecture (NNEC-NATO Network enabled Capability) BRAINSTORMING PHASE What are the upcoming R&D subjects in the geospatial domain that may make a difference in the future among the NATO end-users
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Insights for ALLIED REACH

ARCHIVE Allied Reach 2016 is a seminar that gathers the NATO Military Leaders to discuss both the operational needs of today and innovative and transformational concepts of tomorrow. Its purpose is to provide actionable recommendations that support
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Strategic Foresight

STRATEGIC FORESIGHT 2015 - ARCHIVE Our world is evolving fast into a very complex and uncertain environment where everyone has a role to play in ensuring stability, peace and security. It will take a very large number of experts and smart people to
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Autonomous Systems

Policy and Operations

Operational and Policy Implications of Autonomous Systems PROJECT ARCHIVE Policy Guidance Role of Autonomous Systems in Gaining Operational Access Countermeasures Forum and Workshop The online forum and workshop series support a study conducted by HQ

Products: Policy and Operational Implications of Autonomous Systems

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Education and Training

Future Online Learning Environment

Environment Development Campaign To increase interoperability and efficiency through learning at reasonable cost, NATO needs to implement a modern Online Learning Environment. VISION The Future NATO Online Learning Environment will Allow any expert

Products: Extended Hand NATO Virtual Academy Conflict-related Sexual and Gender Based Violence NATO Social Media User Course

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Social Media

Social Media for NATO

PROJECT ARCHIVE Our world is evolving rapidly. Modern communication technologies using the Internet are emphasizing and bolstering social changes all over the planet. These changes, both in societies and the cyber domain, have a significant impact on

Products: NATO Social Media User Course

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Human Aspects

Cross Cultural Competence Online Solutions

This project aims at supporting the Cross Cultural Experts in NATO nations, through online collaboration and the development of advanced online tools; and to provide them with the outreach they deserve, including all defense personnel within NATO

Products: Cross Cultural Awareness concept Extended Hand

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