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The suspicious behavior of a space object has been detected, and authorities fear that it might disrupt the operation of some satellites resulting in dangerous consequences on civilian and NATO air traffic control. After consulting reliable sources, there is not enough information available to determine whether there is an actual risk. Does this object has the capability or the intention to disrupt space assets or services? Does any action have to be taken to prevent disruption? There are only a few minutes to make the decision.

We need your innovative solutions to help gather and analyze all possible open-source information to answer the following questions:


How can we improve the detection of objects in space which may cause damage to a specific orbital asset?

Orbital Assessment

How can we quickly determine if objects will collide with the asset, and when? Or, how close will they come?

Identification & Behavioral Assessment

Can we identify the object and assess its behaviors (Examples: tumbling, firing thrusters, emitting signals), its characteristics (Examples: size, weight, velocity, composition), and its capabilities (Examples: jamming, eavesdropping, …)


What can be done to prevent, respond to, or mitigate, the negative effects on the friendly satellite/platform?